The Asian Gems in the Arts segment

An annual and anticipated activity of the #FACP Conference is the Asian Gems in the Arts segment. This year, 7 member cities were represented: Beijing (The Jiangzhou Drum Orchestra), Taipei (dancer Chien Wei Wu who performed to electronica and live drumming by Yin Chun Chen to the music of Yiu Kwong Chung), Manila (Kabataang Gitarista), Tokyo (soprano Yukie Ishioka, tenor Kazuaki Sawasaki and pianist Yuhi Ozaki), Hong Kong (Yat Po Singers), Seoul (soprano Jungwon Park and the Sung Jung Trio) and host Kuala Lumpur (Rhythm in Bronze).

The repertoire ranged from modernized ethnic to dance with electronica and live drumming, from classical to folk and a capella. The audiences composed of not just the governors, members, speakers and organizers but the public who bought tickets were simply riveted!