Executive Board


Mr. Masami SHIGETA (Tokyo)

 Masami Shigeta pro-actively introduced cultural activities of American communities, such as International Environment Forum, Aspen Music Festival, and International Design Conference to Japan’s local communities. In 1969, Shigeta established Azuma Shokai Trading Co., Ltd. In 1988, Shigeta has been appointed Aspen’s official Ambassador by the City Council and the Aspen Resort Association to coordinate tourism and resort development for Aspen in Japan. He is also a member of the National Council of Aspen Music Festival and School. Since founding Aspen Incorporated, Shigeta has been directly involved with various cultural events. He is active in the educational sector and is Chief Producer of the Ishikawa Music Academy, which is an annual event, co-produced with the Ishikawa Prefectural government. In 2001 and 2002, he organized two big charity concerts called “We Love New York” for the victims of the 9/11 incident and coordinated a relief charity concert in 2004 after a big earthquake disaster in local regions of Japan’s Niigata prefecture. In 2011, he produced the “Arigato Concert: Our Appreciation to the World” for the benefits of those who suffered the 3/11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. About 70 ambassadors from different countries gathered together in this concert. He is also the present Chairperson of FACP.

Vice Chair

Mr. In-Gun PARK (Seoul)

 Ingun Park started his career path as the representative of performance and artist management at Artpia and then moved to Seoul Arts Center in 1987. For 12 years, he was the director of the department of the performing arts and the first person who planned ‘Korean Orchestra Festival’ which is still one of most important and biggest orchestra festival in Korea. In 1999, he moved to Sejong Arts Center where is located in the central of the Seoul and mainly held national events and festivals. In 2004 he was appointed the CEO of Chungmu Arts Center and he made this hall as the first musical exclusive venue in Korea. After then he moved to Gyounggi Arts Center as a CEO and managed 4 different art companies (Drama, Orchestra, Traditional orchestra and traditional Dance) under this foundation. With his rich experiences in this industry, currently he is appointed as CEO of KBS Symphony Orchestra which is one of the leading orchestra in Korea.

Ms. CHEN Jixin (Beijing)

 Chen Jixin, China’s experienced producer, manager,and visiting lecturer at Peking University’s Creative & Culture Industry Seminar, ISPA’s director from 2000-2008. Chen has presided over the planning and implementation of "The Three Tenors Forbidden City Concert" in 2001. She established "Beijing Oriental Broadway International Theatre Management Company” with renowned Broadway and international companies. Together she introduced the classic Broadway musicals "42nd Street” and “Aida” across China. Chen aims to promote closer collaboration between China and the international markets in the field of the performance management. She is committed in exploring new production and management models in China's art and culture development.

Ms. Atilah SOERYADJAYA (Jakarta)

 Atilah Soeryadjaya is the CEO Global Triple L. She was raised within the royal courts of Mangkunegaran, Surakarta. Determined to preserve and nurture the historical, traditional, and cultural legacies of Java, Atilah took to Javanese Opera and began writing, producing, and directing. Atilah's first production, Matah Ati, is an epic Javanese dance performance based on the life story of her ancestor, Raden Ayu Matah Ati, wife of the first Mangkunegaran king Raden Mas Said, who once led a 40-strong group of Javanese female warriors. The second production, Ariah, celebrates a legendary Betawi female warior who stepped up against her Dutc oppressors and led fellow farmer in a violent revoilt against the colonialists in 1869. It is her own sense of responsibility as the grand daughter of Mangkunegara VII that drives her passion to use modern mediums infused with traditional values to preserve culture. She believes it is her obligation; she believes it is the right thing to do.

Ms. Vivien Huai-chun KU (Taipei)

- CEO, Koo Foundation, Taiwan
- Managing Director, Novel Hall for Performing Arts, Taiwan
- Founder/Director, TaipeiEYE, tourism show of authentic traditional arts, Taiwan
- Chairperson, Yam.com, internet portal


Ms. Margaret YANG (Hong Kong)

 With more than 15 years in arts administration in Hong Kong and London (orchestra marketing, festival programming and artist management), Yang is now CEO of the Hong Kong Sinfonietta (www.hksl.org), a mid-size symphony orchestra which is one of Hong Kong’s flagship ensembles presenting its 16th professional season.   A music graduate of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Yang has a postgraduate diploma in Arts Management and Policy from the City University of London and a Law degree from the University of Cambridge.  After practising as a solicitor for a few years specialising in Intellectual Property, Yang returned to arts administration.   Yang is the first Hong Kong fellow on the Clore Leadership Programme in the UK (2009-2010).


Mr. LIEW Chin Choy (Singapore)

 A retired civil servant, Mr. Liew Chin Choy has, for many years been involved in the promotion of the arts and culture in Singapore. He was one of the pioneer arts administrators when the arts was in its infancy in Singapore. His first foray into the arts was with the now defunct Ministry of Culture in 1982 and was subsequently posted to the National Arts Council (1989-1999); the Singapore Symphony Orchestra (1999-2013) and the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (2014-2012). His most notable contribution to the Singapore’s art scene was from 1989 to 1999 when he was the Programme Director for the Singapore Arts Festival and concurrently Programme Director for the Festival of Asian Performing arts. For his contributions to the arts in Singapore, he was conferred the Public Administration (Bronze) Medal in 1999. Mr. Liew is today Head of Ossia Music School, a private music school and serves as a voluntary Board Director of the non-profit, Operaviva Ltd which aims to promote opera to a wider audience in Singapore.

Executive Members 

Mr. Martin LOPEZ (Manila)

 Two years after Martin Lopez graduated from Connecticut College in the USA, he started his own arts management company called SinagTala, translated as Shining Stars, to promote Filipinos in classical, choral and ethnic music. He returned to Manila with the goals of developing audiences primarily for Filipino and Western classical music and the local artists engaged in these art forms.
 He began to build a name in the Manila concert circuit and was eventually asked to join the Board of Trustees of the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), becoming the youngest ever to hold that post. While there, he became a member and then a governor of the Federation for Asian Cultural Promotion (FACP). When his term ended at the CCP, he joined Far Eastern University (FEU) to run its President’s Committee on Culture concurrently with his managing SinagTala.
 At FEU, he handles cultural programming in the main campus and three satellite locations. The FEU Auditorium in Manila once was the Cultural Center of the Philippines. All the premiere Filipino and foreign artists performed on its stage. He helps continue the legacy by inviting the best possible musicians, dancers and thespians to perform for the FEU community and arts enthusiasts. In addition, Martin helps oversee five cultural extra-curricular groups on campus, composed of students from different majors who receive scholarships if they meet academic and artistic requirements. Furthermore, Martin and his team conduct tours of the UNESCO awarded art deco FEU campus for students, faculty, alumni and outside guests. Whereas performances and tours are free of charge, he still exerts much effort to market cultural opportunities in FEU, particularly to stakeholders on campus.
 Martin also sits on the boards of the Friends for Cultural Concerns of the Philippines and the Vallehermoso Helping Hands Foundation. He recently completed his Master of Arts in Liberal Studies focusing on Arts Development and Program Management from the University of Denver, USA.

Ms. Atchara TEJAPAIBUL (Bangkok)

 Mrs. Tejapaibul is the founding member of the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra (BSO), which operates under the auspices of Bangkok Symphony Orchestra Foundation (BSOF), under the Royal Patronage of HRH Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn. The BSOF’s primary objectives is to set up Bangkok Symphony Orchestra as the city’s orchestra, to promote Western classical music and to promote classical music education.
 For over three decades, Mrs. Tejapaibul is dedicated to the development of the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra. She raises funds, and establishing contacts with international artist management, and invite many Great Artists of the World to perform in series of recitals and concerts with BSO. In 1996, realizing the shortage of string musicians, she established Bangkok Symphony Music School to teach young musicians, in particular for string instruments. Mrs. Tejapaibul is one of the founding directors of Alliance for Asia Pacific Region Symphony Orchestras (AAPRO). She is also on the Board of Governors as well as member of the Executive Committee of Federation for Asian Cultural Promotion (FACP).
 The Ministry of Culture and Communication of the Republic of France bestowed her the “Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Arts et des et des Lettres” for her tireless work in the development of symphony orchestra in Thailand. She also received the Order of Saint Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, the Wonderworker, a major Charitable Foundation based in Moscow, Russian Federation and is a recipient of the Merit Certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the State of Israel, in recognition of her dedication and outstanding contribution to promoting Thai-Israeli Friendship.

Honorary Auditors 

Mr. Joe SIDEK (Kuala Lumpur)

 Joe Sidek is an industrialist who runs his family-owned textile chemical factory. He is also a man of many talents, going in full force into everything art and creative for over 30 years. Wearing his heart on his sleeve, and a thinking cap made of many hats, Joe has played a major role in numerous forms of art expression – from event management, art curatorship right up to the colourful, rich world of costume design. Since 2010, Joe is known as the man behind the successful, vibrant George Town Festival in Penang, Malaysia. An annual month-long affair, George Town Festival paints the streets of Penang with brilliant performances, visual arts, culture and community-infused activities.

Mr. KOK Kee Boon (Kuala Lumpur)

 As an impresario, pianist, concert promoter, producer, music educator, manager and consultant over the past 25 years, Kee Boon’s passion has been to establish a cultural milieu within Malaysia that will both benefit locals and foreigners alike. He has devoted his time to organising concerts and cultural events, playing a key role in local music education, building audience friendly programs, developing a rapport with local artistes, business/corporate sponsors and government bodies, from grass roots to the highest levels encompassing the entire spectrum of our society. His production of the Little Nyonya Heritage shows has attracted thousands of tourists to Melaka bringing in huge revenue for the state and local business community. Kee Boon has won the prestigious Outstanding Young Malaysian Award by the Jaycees International for Cultural Achievement 1999 and many other music awards including the first price winner of the NSW State Conservatorium Piano Festival Competition in Sydney Australia and Gems of Asia by the Federation For Asian Cultural Promotion in Solo City Indonesia for the 30th Annual Conference Program. He was included in the Stanford’s Who’s Who in USA and the Outstanding Taiping Personality ( Chinese ) Award 2006 ( For Outstanding contribution towards the community, state and nation.)