FACP Membership Application/Renewal for 2019
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What is FACP :

The FACP’s is a non-profit organisation established in 1981 which promotes cultural co-operation within the Asia-Pacific region. It provides a platform for professionals in the arts and related industries to network, connect, exchange ideas, and discuss issues of interest concerning the industries so as to foster a better understanding and appreciation of the diverse and rich cultures among the regions.

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Who can join ?

Anyone who is involved in the performing arts or related field and is based in the Asia-Pacific region.  You may join as an individual or as a representative of a corporation and become an Ordinary Member.

If you are working in the performing arts or related field but are not based in the Asia-Pacific region, you may join as an Associate Member.

FACP membership is not based on nationality. Members are grouped according to the capital cities of the countries/regions which the members are residing or working in.

Organisational Structure

FACP is run by an Executive Committee which sets down the policy and strategic direction. The committee is made up of one chairman, up to five vice-chairmen, a secretary, a treasurer and two executive committee members, who are elected every three years by The Board of Governors.

The Board of Governors of the FACP is made up of elected Ordinary Members which form the core to represent the rest of the members from the same country/region.

Types of membership :

There are two types of membership:

1. Ordinary Member – for all members based in the Asia-Pacific region

2. Associate Member – for all members based outside of the Asia-Pacific region

1. Ordinary Members have full voting rights and may be elected into the Board of Governors.
First-time applicants for Ordinary membership should be nominated by an existing FACP member in your region or the Chairman of the Executive Committee and then endorsed by the Executive Committee. If you do not know anyone, or if you are the first one joining in your region, please let us know and we will consider your application directly at the Executive Committee level.

2. Associate Members have no voting rights and will not be able to become a member of on the Board of Governors but can attend all member events. An Associate Member may become an Ordinary member if the process of becoming an Ordinary Member is met.
First-time applicants for Associate membership do not need to go through the process of nomination or endorsement.

Membership fees

Both types of member pay US$150 yearly for membership.

The membership fee of the FACP is collected on an annual basis. Membership will entitle you to join the annual FACP conference, which is held at different destinations in Asia every year. (The conference fee is separate)

FACP Membership Application/Renewal for 2019
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Annual FACP conference

A conference for the members is held at an Asian destination every year. For details of our conferences, please click here.