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Any surprises: Tanenbaum mentally replays every hand that contains a surprise. For example, if a player he thought was fairly conservative three-bets the river with an eight-high flush, he asks, “Why did he do it?” Either he saw something that indicated his apparently risky three-bet was safe or he was more aggressive than Tanenbaum had thought. This review can teach him about one or both players

Tanenbaum also notes that a player has developed new moves, such as a check-raise bluff on the turn. If he has not seen that move before, he will add it to the opponent’s database.

Developing Your Skills

The most important subject to review is your own play. What did you do right and wrong? Why? How can you build on your strengths and overcome your weaknesses? Since Chapter 24, “How to Become a Winner,” focuses on self-development, I won’t discuss it any further now.

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