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Pitch for New Aspects –
Clare C. & Friends Fellowship

Updated on November 28:  Award-winning Teams announced for "Pitch for New Aspects — Clare C. & Friends Fellowship"

2023 FACP Kaohsiung Conference "Pitch for New Aspects —

Clare C. & Friends Fellowship" – Award-winning Teams announced


We would like to thank all the candidates for their wonderful works. As the Chairperson of the Jury Panel, Ms Joyce CHIOU said, everyone who came to the pitching session is the winner - all the ideas are invaluable and have great potential for infinite growth!


FACP 2023 Pitch for New Aspects – Clare C. & Friends Fellowship Winners:

Congratulations to the award-winning teams. Your remarkable creations have truly amazed us. Each of your works is unique and captivating.


We are also paying our heartfelt gratitude to Clare C. & Friends Fellowship for their generous support and sponsorship, and all the teams that participated in this year's Pitch for New Aspects submissions.


Grateful for this encounter, and wishing you a fruitful creative journey until we meet again in the future.

Shortlist Announcement

2023 FACP Kaohsiung Conference
“Pitch for New Aspects — Clare C.& Friends Fellowship” Shortlist Announcement

We are delighted to have received 31 entries from Belgium, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Norway, Philippines, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Taiwan. After the first adjudication process through proposal reviews and an online panel meeting, ten (10) entries have been shortlisted as finalists, and five (5) entries have been selected in the waiting list.


The finalists will present their ideas at the Pitch Presentation session on November 24, 19:00-21:30 (GMT+8) at the 2023 FACP Kaohsiung Conference. You are cordially invited to sign up for the conference and witness the birth of the up-and-coming creative ideas on “Next Stage, Green Generation—Sustainability in Culture and Performing Arts”.

Finalists for Pitch for New Aspects — Clare C. & Friends Fellowship

Title of Proposal
Artist / Group
AΦE (AE Company)
Ice Age
Resident Island Dance Theatre
Shimmering Production / WANG Yeu-Kwn
Beyond Dance Theater
Hung Dance
Role Play
Lu Production
Hell- Door -Breaking
Labora Terry Arts
Whispers of Trees
Whispers of Trees
Xiyu (meaning Joyous rain in English)/“Zai Yue Zhi Zhou” (meaning Joyous Ship in English)
Shaanxi Vocational Academy Of Art

Waiting list for Pitch for New Aspects — Clare C. & Friends Fellowship

Title of Proposal
Artist / Group
Huang Shoute/Lin Yilin
Seediq Culture and Aesthetic Theater Weaver Wowa Tminun/We are....
Seediq's Traditional Culture and Arts Troupe / Teymu Ukah
The Enchanted Forest
Dr. Esther Shin Chuang
One Two Three
Sàng Tsáu
Hsu Chen Wei Dance Company

Shortlisting Jury Panel

Mr. Austin Wang, Ms. Jill Glorife Soberano-Samodio, Mr. John Bickley, Ms. Joyce Chiou, Mr. Jung Sun-Goo, Mr. Paul Tam, Mr. Raymond Wong, Mr. William Barkhymer

2023 FACP Kaohsiung Conference

Pitch for New Aspects — Clare C.& Friends Fellowship

Federation for Asian Cultural Promotion (FACP) offers an exciting opportunity for young artists (aged below 35), young entrepreneurs / curators / producers (aged below 40) and artist groups to share creative ideas on potential partnerships with FACP and its members through the development and presentation of new works.



1st    USD 10,000 x 1

2nd  USD 8,000 x 1

3rd   USD 4,000 x 2


- An opportunity for networking with colleagues in the industry and mentor consulting and advice

- All of the shortlisted groups will receive 1 free Full Pass to the conference and one individual or organizational membership of the FACP for a year.

- The winners are required to acknowledge the supports of FACP as

2023 FACP—Clare C. & Friends Fellowship in future promotion materials and programs on the wining works.

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