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CLT Banqiao Tech & Art Center


No. 67, Ln. 130, Minzu Rd., Banqiao Dist., New Taipei City 

板橋放送所 - 


CLT Banqiao Tech & Art Center

Located in the Xinban Special District, Banqiao Broadcasting Station was designed by Kuriyama Shunichi and built in 1930. Exemplifying modernist architectural aesthetics, this historical heritage was released under the Act for Promotion on Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects in February 2021. The Contemporary Legend Cultural Foundation was selected to station there to construct a multipurpose site combining technology and performing art, the Legend Digital Performing Art Fun Zone. 


We reinvigorate traditional xiqu by adding technology, digital interaction, and repertoire theatre, in the hope to promote literature and arts and to provide a site for family activities, entertainment for all ages, and dining service. We bring theatre to everybody’s life, including children and teenagers, and present a fine cultural experience for visitors and local residents.  

Exclusive for FACP Mebmers 

Tours & Activities

Wednesday 22 November 2023, 16:30-18:30

16:30-18:00 Venue tour

  • Banqiao Broadcasting Station

  • Story house of Kuriyama Shunichi

  • Dancer Café-experimental theatre


18:30-21:00 Banquet & performance

  • Immersive experience with prominent performance
    Musical: Goddess.Eternal Light
    Performed by Contemporary Legend Theatre (EN/CH subtitle.)

  • Creative cuisine and beverage: Natural-oriented x Sustainability

  • Artist-gathering and party


100 USD


  • Sign up via Google Form by 17:00 (GMT+8) Fri. 10 November, 2023.

  • The banquet is exquisitely customised for every participant and has limited availability. If there's any change in your schedule, please contact in advance.


Goddess. Eternal Ligt

About Goddess.Eternal Light

In the newborn universe, Yin and Yang forces contend. The Yellow Emperor and Chiyou fight over the Central Plains. While trying to help the Yellow Emperor, the pregnant Goddess of the West is defeated by the Yin God and dies after giving birth to a baby girl.


The Priestess of the Tiger Clan tells the people to salute Huier, now a young lady, as the successive Goddess of the West, entailing a celebration with songs and dance. Unexpectedly, Chiyou’s descendants Taotie, Jimeng and other monsters attack. Assisted by the young warrior Que, Huier escapes.  


King Mu of Zhou embarks on his Western Expedition on an eight-horse chariot and joins Huier in resisting against her enemies. Huier turns into an angry tiger and passes out after driving the monsters away. After waking up, she falls in love with King Mu. Deceived by four imps, King Zhou bids farewell to Huier and leaves for the Central Plains.   


Que expresses his love to Huier but is later turned down by the lady, who later goes into the wilderness in the hope of finding her origin. The Celestial Mother’s reflection appears on the lake to answer her questions. Huier finds the meaning for her life.


The Yin God sends a snake demon to pollute the Holy Water. Huier and Que lead warriors of the Tiger Clan to defeat it. After exposing the imps’ deception, King Mu returns to help. He subdues the snake demon but gets poisoned. He wakes up at Yao Pond and receives care from the Seven Fairies, who offer him the celestial peaches. He resurrects and enjoys Huier’s loving company.


At the war between the Yin God, his monsters and the Yang God, the Tiger Clan suffers a serious loss and the Heavenly Pillar collapses. Feeling guilty, Huier weeps. With a radiance, the quintessence of generations of the Goddess of the West converged into a Celestial Pearl. After swallowing the Celestial Pearl, Huier leaves her mortal status, becoming the Holy Goddess of the West and defeats evil. 


King Mu of Zhou is saddened to find that the Goddess of the West chooses greater love over their relationship. The Yang God gives them a privilege to reunite once a year at the Yao Pond to continue their mortal love. The Goddess of the West and King Mu of Zhou make a “jade and silk” covenant to never go into war and to look after the ever-regenerating nature.

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