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  1. To give assistance and support to promoters, impresarios, companies and other performing arts organizations and professional artists especially those in the field of the performing arts from the different member-cities with diverse Asian artistic heritage with the ultimate objective of promoting culture and the performing arts throughout the world.

  2. To gather and provide regularly to members information pertaining to cultural and performing arts activities, artists and their performances occurring either within the cities or regions of the Asian/Oceanic area or elsewhere.

  3. To develop and foster closer links among Federation members and to provide a regular forum for discussion and interaction to ensure mutually beneficial cooperation among them.

  4. To solicit and receive contributions, subscriptions, fees and sponsorships, and other forms of income to raise funds for the Federation and defray the costs of its activities.

  5. To negotiate and /or enter into agreements and/or contracts with airline companies, hotels, travel operators and other entities for the benefit of some or all the categories of members of the Federation.

  6. To establish strong media linkage to publicize the objectives of the Federation as well as performing activities, conferences, events and projects which the Federation may decide to support or sponsor.

  7. To secure membership of the Federation in any matter relating to copyright, licenses, rights or interests of all kinds vis-a-vis performing activities and other events (including all kinds of broadcasting, filming, all kinds of recordings of these performing activities and events) in countries where events of the Federation shall take place.

  8. To establish, promote, maintain affiliation with clubs, associations, societies or other organizations with purposes consistent with the objectives of the Federation and with whom the Federation considers as friends of FACP.

  9. To print, publish, distribute and sell or otherwise dispose of tickets, programmes, books, magazines, periodicals, and other publications and, if desirable, to have them protected under relevant copyright laws.

  10. To subscribe to, or become a member of any organization whose objectives are in consonance in whole or in part with the objectives of the Federation, provided that no subscription or membership fee shall be paid to any organization except on the authority of the executive committee.

  11. To do all such other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives or any of them.

The objectives for which the Federation is established are as follows:

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