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29th FACP Conference to be held in Manila, Philippines

Dear Governors, Greetings! I just return to Taiwan from a long business trip in China, I hope this e-mail finds you well. First of all, I would like to thank Dr. Raul Sunico and his team made the Governors' Meeting a huge success! The arrangements of venue, schedule, transportation etc. showed how well prepared the meeting was. This is definitely an unforgettable memory for all the Governors who attended the Meeting. Thank you very much for your great efforts. There is an important decision made during the Governors' Meeting which I shall inform the Governors who were not able to join us. Before the Governors' Meeting taking place, I was regret to receive the official information from our friends in Hohhot that the scheduled FACP Annual Conference in Hohhot had been cancelled due to the governmental policy of China. Facing this difficulty, however, Dr. Raul Sunico kindly proposed to hold the FACP Annual Conference this year in Manila instead of Hohhot. So it's my pleasure to inform all of you that the 2011 FACP Annual Conference will be held from November 3 through 5 in Manila, the host will be the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Once again, congratulations to CCP, I hope to see you all in November! Best regards, Hsu Po-Yun

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