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Greetings from the Chair

The Federation for Asian Cultural Promotion (FACP) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO), currently registered in Singapore. FACP promotes networks for arts administrators and fosters understanding of the rich cultural heritage of Asia around the world. It was initiated in 1979, and founded in 1981. FACP has a long history of 37 years. Before, the FACP was only a friendly craft where friends gather together to share the same passion in music and performing arts. Decades have passed and it is now the time for a change to a new era to accomplish FACP’s goals of cultural strategy and cultural exchanges between Asian cities. We have goals that we need to achieve in a professional way. We need to work together to build up an influential organization that can give the opportunity to educate children more about music. FACP is a unique organization in Asia where people from the performing arts industry, orchestras, concert venues, artist management, conservatories, music schools and the like, are gathering together to build networks and as well as to exchange information and ideas. FACP holds an annual conference hosted by different Asian cities. By providing a warm meeting place, it aims at facilitating international touring and artistic issues and challenges facing the arts industry for arts and artist management, cultural entrepreneurs, and leaders. This time-honored organization draws numerous participants and observers as the most important culture-promotion organization in Asia.

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