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Dear Colleagues, Vitra Design Museum together with Taipei Fine Arts Museum and the Department of Cultural Affairs Taipei City Government are very pleased to announce this year’s Asian MUSCON in Taipei from the 6th of October. MUSCON is an exchange platform for design, architecture and art institutions. The first MUSCON was initiated in Europe in 1996 while this year will see the third Asian MUSCON in Taipei and the fifth US MUSCON in Miami Beach in November, during Art Basel Miami Beach and Design Miami. MUSCON was found to coordinate and improve cooperation in the area of traveling exhibitions and exhibition coproduction. We want to make associated cost, services and responsibilities more transparent. On the other hand, such a coalition operates much more successfully than individual museums acting alone. In times of rapid and turbulent changes, it is important to promote pragmatic transcontinental networking opportunities and build up long-term cooperative relationships. MUSCON contributes to your ability to preserve the quality of museum programming by inviting you to discuss mutual concerns and share solutions with other museum professionals. Each participant is welcome to make a short presentation about his or her institution and program. Besides we promise you an interesting program of lectures by international experts and discussions related to the topics of"creative education – improving the future" and "traveling exhibitions / global cooperation". Further information will be sent in the coming weeks, but please reserve these dates so you can participate in the conference, meet colleagues from all over the world and join in the discussions on all manner of interesting themes. Please let us also know if you wish to receive further information about the MUSCON in Lisbon (19,November 2011). You can find updated information on the following website: Please make your registration online at If you need any assistance or for any further questions please contact Head of MUSCON Organization Ms Laura Kaufmann: Email: Phone: +49 7621 702 35 74 Fax: +49 7621 702 45 74 We are very much looking forward to welcoming you in Taipei. With best regards, Wu, Kwang-Tyng Hsiao-yun Hsieh Director Taipei Fine Arts Museum Comissioner Department of Cultural Affairs Taipei City Government Marc Zehntner Mateo Kries Director / Management VDM Director / Program VDM

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