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New Year Greetings from the Chair

Dear Governors,

Greetings! Masami ShigetaThe Federation for Asian Cultural Promotion (FACP) has a long history of 35 years. Before, the FACP was only a friendly craft where friends gather together to share the same passion in music. But now, it is time for a change to a new era: a new scenario to accomplish FACP’s number one task. We have goals that we need to achieve in a professional way. We need to work together to build up an influential organization that can give the opportunity to educate children more about music. We need to encourage them to learn how to play musical instruments. If they can play very well, they can play everywhere. This will give them a bright career path and personal growth development. Music is very important for kids to grow up. I believe that good music has absolutely positive impact in building up a good human being. I feel that my duty as the Chairperson is that FACP will become the influential body in Asian countries. We are an organization which can give political influence to governments about culture policy making around Asia. FACP is the only association in Asia for this cultural socket. Based on our knowledge and experiences, we want to try to influence the government to increase their budget in education, music, and cultural activities. Performing arts, including music, has now become a cultural business. The key factor to success is making collaborations and giving contributions to the community. Let us continue to work together to achieve our goals of cultural promotion. I look forward to seeing all of you in the next Annual Conference. All the best, Masami Shigeta FACP Chairperson

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