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TNWO - AΦE (AE Company)

🏅 FACP Members' Choice, 2023 FACP - Clare C. & Friends Fellowship

AΦE is a Chatham (UK) based dance company founded by accomplished dancers Aoi NAKAMURA (Japanese) and Esteban LECOQ (French) in 2016. Through the artistic and technological research, AΦE incorporates cutting-edge technology into its performances to reinvent the audience experience. As trailblazers in the sector, AΦE wants to rethink live performances. ln only 6 years, they have established the company as one of the leading dance companies working with technology and garnered the support of some of the most presti- gious venues around the world, including Sadler’s Wells in London, the Sydney Festival and Théâtre de Chaillot in Paris.


Esteban LECOQ

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