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Ice Age - Resident Island Dance Theatre

Updated: Feb 5

🥈 2nd Prize, 2023 FACP - Clare C. & Friends Fellowship

Resident lsland Dance Theatre, an emotionally thrilling, physically integrated quartet co-choreographed by RlDT’s Artistic Director CHANG Chung-an and French dance maker Maylis ARRABlT.

The 55-minute piece is performed by two dancers in wheel- chairs and two standing dancers. As the world locked down during the COVlD-19 pandemic, the work took shape—to explore the different ways that people navigate and connect in their own cultural environments.

lt evokes the coexistence between parallel realities, separated by space-time and at the same time, united by it. lce Age challenges external forces and shows us the potential of a physically, mentally, and emotionally integrated world.

Upcoming Shows

August 2024 - Coming soon!


HSIAO Shu-lin


Resident lsland Dance Theatre

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