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Islands - Shimmering Production

Updated: Mar 6

🥉 3rd Prize, 2023 FACP - Clare C. & Friends Fellowship

🏅 FACP Members' Choice, 2023 FACP - Clare C. & Friends Fellowship

Bodies are like vessels drifting with the waves of the ocean; perhaps we will only begin to understand each other as we leave our islands.

lnspired by choreographer WANG Yeu-kwn’s 2019 trip to lndonesia in search of a giant fish— the self-identification.

WANG invites his long time friend, Danang PAMUNGKAS, an lndonesian dance artist who once worked in Taiwan, to go on this search together. They will conduct a dialogue by exploring the cultural heritage hidden in each other’s body and movements in search of “who l am (who we are).”


WANG Yeu-kwn

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