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Role Play - Lu Production

Updated: Feb 5

🏅 FACP Members' Choice, 2023 FACP - Clare C. & Friends Fellowship

The show is about a magician who uses magic to tell the story of another magician.

The story took place in London at the dawn of the twentieth century. The world-fa- mous Chinese magician CHUNG Ling-soo performed in London every night. The audience went crazy for his magic and Gocked to see this oriental man wearing a long robe. ln fact, CHUNG Ling-soo was not even Chinese.

Role Play explores various ways of “role-playing.” Through the perspective of the magician LlN Lu-chieh, the production discusses the intriguing connection between LlN himself and the magician CHUNG Ling-soo.


LIN Lu-chieh


Lu Production / LIN Lu-chieh

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