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Remembering Hsu Po-Yun, the Great Dreamer: In Commemoration of His Departure and Contribution

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Ms. Fan Sun-Lu
Ombudsman, Control Yuan

On June 12th this year, Mr. Hsu, in a wheelchair, arrived at the Control Yuan with Yu Fan-Ying, Joyce Chiou and Chien Wen-Pin. They came regarding the budget plan for the 2023 Kaohsiung Conference of the Federation for Asian Cultural Promotion (FACP), which he had founded 42 years ago. Coincidentally, that day was his birthday. We were delighted, singing “Happy Birthday” to him and capturing some precious photos. Little did we know that this would be our final meeting.

I had known him for more than 27 years. Since I took my term as a legislator in early 1996, I have been hearing him discuss the government’s ignorance toward culture. He lamented for the meager budget, the lack of administration expertise, the disregard for professionalism, severe inadequacies and backwardness in performance venues, as well as insufficient international perspectives and talent nurturing. Indeed, each of these became focal points for reform.

We often gathered for art-related events. As a luminary in the field of art and culture, Mr. Hsu’s enthusiasm always inspired everyone. He liked making friends, engaging in lively discussions and was an excellent storyteller. He held innumerable great dreams, awaiting each one to be realized.

Throughout his journey, his determination, foresight and passion deeply influenced the transformation of Taiwan’s cultural and artistic landscape. He was not just a genius music creator but also a cultivator and pioneer in various fields of culture and art in Taiwan. He broadened Taiwan’s international perspective as well as allowed the global community to see the charm of Taiwan. In the 1960s, the young Po-Yun faced the poor environment of art and culture in Taiwan, but he continued to work until it became a field for artists and cultural workers in different domains to shine. Every stage, every moment, every crucial turn has Mr. Hsu’s involvement, presence and footprint. He poured every penny and effort into art and culture in Taiwan. No one has done more than he has.

Now, his departure has left us deeply saddened. His contributions to culture and art will forever be remembered.

There will never be another pure soul as Mr. Hsu...

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