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Birdy - Hung Dance

Updated: Feb 27

🥇 1st Prize, 2023 Clare C. & Friends Fellowship

Experience the transcendent beauty of ‘Birdy,’ a Taiwanese masterpiece enchanting global audiences. This contemporary dance, celebrated in France and debuting at the American Dance Festival, reinterprets Western myths and Eastern opera traditions, unfolding a poetic journey of individual and collective soaring.

Born from LAI Hung-chung’s unapologetic desire for flight, ‘Birdy’ has evolved into an octet production, circling the globe after a sold-out run at the Festival Off Avignon. This visually stunning performance weaves Western mythology and Eastern traditions, challenging ‘restriction’ through graceful movements and striking symbolism. A poetic response to whether ‘every free flight is born from a restriction,’ the dance explores life and nation’s unsteady skies. Join us as contemporary dance confronts contemporary issues, transforming feathers into wings. Don’t miss this unforgettable journey at the 2024 ADF.

“Birdy, une sublime chorégraphie.” —Youness Bousenna, La Provence

Upcoming Shows

  • Dates: 3.23 Sat & 3.24 Sun, 2024

  • Venue: WEIWUYING PLAYHOUSE, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

  • Presenter: LAI HUNG CHUNG


CHANG Hsin-i


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