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Dear Friends,


Greetings from the sunny Taichung! In this pleasant holiday season, on behalf of the FACP Executive Committee, I’d like to wish everyone a prosperous, smooth and healthy new year of the Dragon.


The FACP unites us in facing global challenges together. During the 2023 Annual Conference, we learned that culture can have an active role in developing feasible sustainability solutions. The FACP aims at bringing together arts professionals from all sectors and across all generations. Last year, thanks to the generosity of Clare C. & Friends Fellowship, we welcomed 7 artist groups, whose upcoming development we’re very much looking forward to. We are also starting our International Arts Management Internship Program, fostering future professionals in international affairs for performing arts. With the What’s Up Café – Clinics for the Arts, we connect young professionals with well-seasoned colleagues for exchanges on ideas and experiences. 


New Year’s brings new resolutions and prospects to arts and culture. As global technology advances, we look into both our past and present for wisdom through our path to the future. From green materiality to cutting-edge technology, revolution to entrepreneurship, interactive to the digital – this year, let us delve into our cultural heritage and creative innovation, upholding our pursuit of a sustainable artistic and cultural environment.


We’re committed to building the FACP an open and interconnected space for novel exchanges in performing arts and their professional management as we make the federation a brand for Asian-Pacifician culture and arts. We will take advantage of technology advancement and the return of face-to-face events to engage more activities boosting connections between members, both online and on-site. With the FACP’s extensive professional networks in the field, we also aim to help our members in establishing their business nexus.


The core value of performing arts lies in its humanistic perspective, empathetic attitude, and creative narratives, which influence our audience and make a powerful impact on society. We hope that our encouraging family will continue to support, care, and enrich each other.


We wish you all a fulfilling new year!


Best wishes



Joyce Chiou

Chair of FACP

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