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National Taichung Theatre


101, Huilai Rd., Sec. 2, Xitun District, Taichung City, Taiwan R.O.C.



National Taichung Theatre

The NTT is a theater where people and the arts coexist, a cradle where the performing arts are nurtured, a place where people enjoy a respite and absorb new knowledge. It is the starting point for the renewal of cultural life in central Taiwan. Every year, the NTT presents three core series that befit the changing seasons: “NTT Arts NOVA” introduces new artistic perspectives combined with new media and crossover components; the easygoing “NTT Summer Fun Time” open to all ages, highlights musical theater productions; and “NTT Fall for Great Souls,” marked by daring and ambition, offers contemporary viewpoints transcending historical legacy. Together, these core series take the audience by the hand, embarking on journeys that open multiple doors to the arts and provide wonderful vistas to the world.

In addition to performances in NTT’s large and small venues, the architectural complex contains unconventional spaces conducive to the development of digital/soundscape art, in turn encouraging and enabling a wide expanse of diverse artistry. Such presentations and international exchange forge new pathways to creativity, generating economic power through the arts, rejuvenating and transforming central Taiwan.

The key to NTT’s future is technology, unlocking fresh perspectives in the performing arts, injecting unlimited imagination and possibilities in life. While the NTT moves closer to achieving sustainability as a “Green Theater” marked by smart operational facilities, ideas and trends are imported from throughout Taiwan and abroad, promoting organic development of central Taiwan’s artistic ecology, extending and deepening the connection between the arts and citizens’ daily life, making the arts part and parcel of essential living, thus keeping in step with the world.

Opening hours

  • Mondays: Closed

  • Sun., Tue. – Thu.: 11:30 - 21:00

  • Fri.- Sat., National Holidays: 11:30 - 22:00

Exclusive Tour for FACP Mebmers 

National Taichung Theater (NTT) is not only a building in which performing arts are presented, the architecture itself is a frozen music, one can "see" the exterior full of fluidity and rhythm.


Designed by Pritzker Architecture Prize-winning Japanese architect Toyo Ito, the NTT is an encounter of avant-garde concept, innovative construction method and humanity. The conversation between nature and humanity, architecture and art is everywhere. Different curves change through time and light, The texture of sound varies subtly as you stroll in the building.

Tour schedule and fee

2023/11/26 Sun.

16:10-17:10 (60 minutes)

*Free of admission


Special reminder

The Grand Theater, Playhouse and Black Box are working spaces for performing groups and, therefore, are not included in guided tours. Please click here for a virtual reality tour of these spaces.


National Taichung Theater

+886-4-2251-1777 (10: 00 - 20: 00)

How to get here

How to find Customer Service Counter

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*FACP members enjoy 25% off. Please purchase tickets on-site on the first day of the conference.


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