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FACP invitation letter from the Chairman

Dear Friends Greetings! On behalf of all the members of Federation for Asian Cultural Promotion (FACP), I sincerely welcome you to participate in the 31st Annual Conference of FACP in Chiang Mai scheduled from November 15th through 18th 2013. Since its inauguration in 1981, FACP has become an active and prominent cultural organization internationally. The federation invigorated cultural exchanges among Asian countries, enhanced the communication between East and West and promoted up and rising performing arts and visual arts groups in Asia-Pacific regions to the world. It is my pleasure to announce that the theme of the Annual Conference this year is ‘Performing Arts, Media and Tourism.’ Looking back on the cultural policy of the major cities in the world recently, it is easy to find a common scenario that most of the major city governments try to shape the character and style of the city itself by adopting performing arts as base, using the power of all kinds of media to stimulate the tourism. During the four day gathering, we will discuss the development of performing arts from various aspects such as the collaboration between performing arts and media, operation of orchestra, and formulation of international festivals. To respond this trend, we emphasize the interaction between Asia, Europe and America by inviting guest speakers from these three regions to share their ideas and experiences with us. This is a great opportunity for all of us to gather and exchange ideas on arts and cultural matters. I truly wish you could not only join us and provide your insights on the cultural issues, but also benefit from the conference and experience of other participants. In addition, we also realize our dream to go back to beautify Chiang Mai after 22 years since the 9th Annual Conference in 1991. We really appreciate your efforts to assist with the cultural promotion. Please refer to the FACP pamphlet for more information on the FACP Annual Conference. If you have any questions, please contact us. We look forward to seeing you in Chiang Mai! Best regards, Hsu Po-Yun Chairman of FACP Download PDF Here

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