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Greeting from the Chair FACP2014 Japan Conference

  1. Greetings from

  2. FACP Chairperson

FACP has a long history of 35 years. Before, the FACP was only a friendly craft where friends gather together to share the same passion in music and performing arts. Decades have passed and it is now the time for a change to a new era to accomplish FACP’s goals of cultural exchanges between Asian cities and proposal to the government to increase budget for promoting music and cultural education. The last FACP Conference that was held in Japan was the 13th Conference in 1995 in Kobe. After 19 years, I am very happy that this year’s conference is back here to be held in Kawasaki. A lot of cultural and musical performances have been actively promoted in Japan, which is the ideal venue that reflects this year’s theme of “The Power of Performing Arts, Learning the Culture Strategies of the Asian Region.”Subtitle: Social Role and Network Formation of Art Performance in Asia / Japan’s Contribution. The keynote speaker for this Conference is Mr. Gareth Malone, who is well-known in the UK, has often been featured on BBC TV, and was highly distinguished by the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for his achievements in music. I would like to make this Conference a productive one as we discuss meaningful topics such as “ National Cultural Strategy ” , “ The Significance of Orchestra Development ” , and “ The World of New Art Developed by 8K- Technology ”. I believe that everyone will have a meaningful experience in this Conference. We look forward to your attendance and participation. Sincerely yours, Masami Shigeta FACP Chairperson Chariman The 32nd FACP Annual Conference in Kawasaki, Japan 2014

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