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Introduction of Speakers & AGA on FACP Seoul 2015

Introduction of Speakers on FACP Seoul 2015

Session 1- Keynote Speech Theme [Growth and Vision of Performing Arts Market in Korea]

Mr. Seung-Whan SONG, Founder of Cookin` Nanta

Only people can create a culture, using their imagination and steadfastness. One of the key players responsible for spreading Korean culture worldwide is Song Seung-Whan, the CEO of the Nanta production company PMC Production. Nanta, a non-verbal performance, is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about Korean productions that have successfully debuted on Broadway in New York in the United States. And Song Seung-Whan is the first person who comes to mind when talking about Nanta.

Session 2- Keynote Speech

Theme [Past, Present and Future of Musical]

Mr. Izumi OZAWA, Former CEO of Gekidan

In 1968, Izumi Ozawa participated in the activities of Shiki Theatre Company (founded 1953). Aiming to spread theater performances in Japan, Ozawa has created a unique system of Shiki Theater Company.In 1983 (30 years after it was founded), “CATS” succeeded as the first “ever-lasting long run performances” in Japan’s theater history. Following the success of "CATS", Ozawa and Shiki Theater Company started developing their own theater venues in major cities of Japan, where musical productions of Shiki Theater are presented exclusively. This built up the activities and scale of Shiki Theater Company of today.

Session 3 - Annual Report & Panel Discussion Theme [Industrial Development of Asian Performing Art]

1)Masayuki SEKITA (President of Japan Arts Corporation)

Industrial Development of Classical Music Market in Japan

2) Ho Chun LA (Vice President of Cosmos Corporation) – Development in Music Instrument Industry Coming with the Growth of Korean Performing Arts Market (In relation of Cosmos Corporation)

3) Ying Chen ZHOU (Research Center for Ethnic Music and Musical Theatre, School of Arts, Peking University)

– The localization of Chinese Musical Theatre under the Background of Chinese Musical Market

Session 4- Panel Discussion Theme [Art Education in its Industrial or Job Relations]

1) Mr. Young Jo LEE (Former director of KNUA) - Art Education and Performing Arts in KNUA

2) Pf. CHAN Tze Law (Associate Director of Singapore Yong Siew Toh Conservatory)

- Professional integration at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music in Singapore

3) Pf. Amihan Bonifacio-Ramolete (Dean of College of Arts and Letters of the University of the Philippines) -The Relevance of Theatre Arts Education in the Creative Industries: The University of the Philippines Diliman Experience.

Session 5- Panel Discussion Theme [Perspective and Vision of Korea Musical Market]

1) Jeong Min KO (Prof. of Hongik Univ)

-Current Statue and Future Directions of the Korea Musical Industry

2) Seong Hoon LEE (CJ E&M China Live Entertainment)

- Present Condition of the Korea Musical Industry focusing on Human Resource Based in Overseas.

Session 6 – Panel Discussion Theme [Musical Meets Film]

Moderator: Hong Joon KIM (Prof. of KNUA)

1) Tiara Jacquelina (Musical Producer & Actress, Malaysia)

2) Leon KO (Musical Composer, Hong Kong)

- How to make Asian people sing

3) Gye-Soo JEON (Live Dubbing show `Love with Alien` Executive Director & Rewrited)

Session 7- Case Study (with SMF)

Section ① Art Council Korea`s Research Team - Statistics on Musical Market in Asia

Section ② Discussion & Suggestion

Theme [Seeking Cultural Exchange and Cooperation in Asian Musicals]

1) Midori Unno (Producer and General Manager of Tokyu Theatre Orb)

2) William Barkhymer (Artistic and Music director of New York Harlem Production,inc)

3) Ji Xin CHEN (CEO of Beijing Time New Century Entertainment)

Introduction of AGA performers on FACP Seoul 2015

F-ToME 4朵荼蘼花

Chinese folk music performance group

F-ToME is chinese folk music performane group. Pipa, uzheng(Chinese Zither) Ruan and Erhu make beautiful harmony. Each members won the recognition award in the various competition. F-ToME is a rising star who has bright future toward performing arts all over the world.

La Giglisipiga

Japanese Duo Singers

‘La Giglispiga’ is duo group composed by promising young Japanese singers.

Nao Nakai(Soprano), Yuriko Tango(Messo Soprano) and Pianist will sing covering from Opera Arias to Musical songs, etc. Their rich voices and appearance recently stimulates Japanese Vocal Music Scene.

Sung Jung Trio

Korean Classic Trio

Sung Jung Trio consists of Korean promising players who demonstrate their mature musicality and talents by winning Sung Jung National Music Concours. All of the three players are being acclaimed for their outstanding ability not only as a soloist but also ensemble musician.

C.U. Clarinet Ensemble Thailand Clarinet Ensemble C.U. Clarinet Ensemble (Chulalongkorn University Clarinet Ensemble) was established in 2010 by Mr. Choowit Yurayong and students majoring in clarinet of Chulalongkorn University. The purpose of setting up the Clarinet Ensemble is to seek and expand the repertoire alternated originally. Our compositions for this ensemble aim at making an intense concert activity including dissemination to youths.

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