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Unyielding Spirit: The Fearless Pioneer of Art

Ms. Hsiu-Wei Lin
Producer and Administrative Director, Contemporary Legend Theatre

There was nothing that could hinder Mr. Hsu from his goals.

Throughout his life, his thoughts were dedicated to culture and arts.

Despite the challenging path ahead,

He navigated towards the boundless world with strong will.

Without Mr. Hsu Po-Yun building bridges for Taiwan to the world,

it would be impossible to see the thriving art and culture community in Taiwan

during the ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s’ and even into the new century.

One person’s romance could indeed bring a new wave to Taiwan’s theaters.

However, Mr. Hsu never highlighted his contributions.

To him, the flourishing scenery was as natural as it could be.

All of these stemmed from his innate, genuine passion and love.

He was a true artist,

deeply in love with, dedicated to and unconditionally devoted to arts.

With his great vision and unwavering commitment, he was the pioneer of arts.

In his era, none could match him.

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