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What’s Up Café – Clinics for the Arts

2023 FACP

Kaohsiung Conference 


Next Stage, Green Generation—Sustainability in Culture and Performing Arts

With the call of sustainability, the transmission of professional knowledge and experience has become more important than ever. At the “What’s Up Café – Clinics for the Arts” at 2023 FACP Kaohsiung Conference, junior arts personnels will have the chance to connect with our senior colleagues, share stories and challenges, exchange ideas and insights, and learn from these professionals!

At this session, young artists and arts workers will be meeting FACP governors and members, who are also artistic and cultural leaders across the Asia-Pacific in various sectors. Whether you are from an arts presenter, arts management agency, performing arts group, the academy, production, or cultural venue, you will all find your destined mentor here! Exciting in-depth discussions, industrial insights and more cultural exchanges await at the 2023 FACP Kaohsiung Conference. 

Become an FACP member or renew your membership today, and take part in the 2023 FACP Kaohsiung Conference. 
Our committed table hosts are thrilled to share their stories with you and guide you through the way!

How to participate?

All FACP members are eligible for making appointments with our table hosts. Here's how you can get connected:

  1. Join FACP or renew your membership, and register for the 2023 FACP Kaohsiung Conference

  2. As the annual conference approaches, you will receive a Welcome Kit with information on Clinics sign-up.

  3. Sign up via the online form or in-person at the event location.

  4. Enjoy your time of in-depth exchange with our table hosts!

Program & Clinics Schedule
November 23-26, 2023
*Each clinics session runs 30 min.


Registration at Weiwuying Lecture Hall,Venue Tour & Clinics (Table hosts: Raymond WONG, WEI Wan-jung, Rechael CHAN, Joanna WANG)


Governing Board Meeting 


City Report


Welcoming Reception 

Table Hosts

Rachael Chan.jpg

Rachael Chan

No one can take away the power of the arts to change someone's life. 

Rachael is an orchestral musician and has been a cellist with Singapore’s Orchestra of the Music Makers (OMM) since 2013. OMM is a volunteer-led orchestra comprising of over 140 musicians from different careers and backgrounds. Rachael served as the Chairperson of the orchestra's Community Engagement Team (2017-2018), curating both offstage and onstage encounters that aim to enhance the public’s appreciation for orchestral music. Currently, Rachael is also a PhD student in Geography and the Environment at the University of Oxford (2022-), and her research focuses on cultural and political geography in East Asia. She holds an MSc in Nature, Society and Environmental Governance (2021-2022) from the same university, and her past research has been about visuals and imaginaries of climate change.

形象照_ Keisuke INNAMI.jpg

Keisuke Innami


Keisuke Innami was born in Osaka in 1989. He pursued his higher education at Osaka University and earned a bachelor’s degree in Foreign Language and Culture with a specialization in Portuguese. After completing his studies, he embarked on his professional journey at Knowledge Capital (KC) as a “Communicator.” His role involved bringing together people from diverse backgrounds and nurturing collaborations to create innovative projects and communities. Currently, he plays a vital role as the Chief Assistant to the General Producer of KC. He is responsible for managing internal and external relations and spearheading international projects.

kenny 02.jpg

Kenny Ooi

Stay flexible and embrace change. The arts industry is known for its unpredictability with trends shifting rapidly. It's important to be open, to adjust your craft to align with the evolving landscape.

A native of Penang, Kenny Ooi is a social entrepreneur, active musician and producer in Asia. He has performed with various orchestras, chamber groups and masterclasses in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, and many others. He founded the inaugural Penang International Brass Festival in 2019, and subsequently, The Rondo Production, to develop Malaysia into a country which provides top-notch quality of music education and performance. His passion and effort have led to this recent achievement as one of the top 20 social enterprises in Australia & ASEAN, recognised by the Australian-ASEAN Council by the Australian Government. In the same year, he was selected as one of the 30 Young Music Leaders by the Southeast Asia Directors of Music (SEADOM). In 2021, he was nominated for the Asia Youth Leadership Award by the ASEAN Youth Advocates Network. He was a scholar at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, National University of Singapore, under the tutelage of Jon Dante and Lau Wen Rong from the Singapore Symphony Orchestra.

Stanislaw (photo Jan Bilert).jpg

Stanislaw Suchora

Arts and music always needs fresh blood and ideas!

Studied musicology at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (Poland) and at the Sorbonne University in Paris where he obtained master’s degree in Music Management. During his studies, Stanisław gained experience working as Assistant Dramaturg at the Opéra Comique in Paris, as the Assistant at the Sorbonne University and as Junior Manager at the Target Live agency specialising in cultural marketing in London. In 2012, he founded SONORA music agency managing individual artists, generating and promoting international projects. Active worldwide, today SONORA music boasts with a roster of international artists and the position of the most important classical music agency in Poland and in the region. Stanisław enjoys travelling and learning foreign languages.

Raymond WONG_photo.jpeg

Raymond Wong

Be curious, not judgmental.

Graduated with an M.A. in Arts and Cultural Enterprises from the University of the Arts London (Central Saint Martins) and a B.Sc. in European Studies from the Hong Kong Baptist University, Raymond Wong serves in performing arts for more than 20 years as producer of national and international programs, marketer, facilitator of cultural exchange projects and manager at venues and arts organisations. Her joined the City Contemporary Dance Company in Hong Kong from 2006 and served as Managing Director from 2014 to 2021. He was appointed as Deputy General Director of the National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying) Taiwan in 2021, to oversee branding, audience engagement and visitor experience.  

4-1 魏琬容_edited_edited.jpg

Wanjung Wei

1. Follow your passion, even when the path seems challenging. Your passion will be the guiding light to lead you through the darkest of forests
2. Push yourself out of your comfort zone.
3. Be modest and always keep your promises. These are the rules that will build your reputation

WEI is the youngest executive director to hold the position at OISTAT since its establishment in 1968, and also the first with diplomatic training. While in her teenage years, she practiced hip -hop dancing and later transitioned to contemporary dance. With a belief in the commonality between diplomacy and performing arts of "creating dialogues in daily life," WEI explores the relationship between contemporary dance and society by writing dance critiques, with a particular focus on feminism and gender issues. She earned her MA degree in Arts Politics from Tisch School of the Arts, New York University.

Joanna WANG_portrait.jpg

Joanna WANG

1.)”Be the change you wish to see in the world" —Gandhi
2.) “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.”—Helen Keller

 Columbia University, New York City, New York, USA
Master of Arts - Arts Management, 1995

 University of Missouri – Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Master of Music - Viola Performance, 1993

Employment History
 National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying), Taiwan
Jan 2023 to Present Director of Artistic Planning
Aug-Dec 2022 Project Manager/Designate Director of Artistic Planning

 Cloud Gate Culture and Arts Foundation, Taipei, Taiwan
2015- 2022 Director of International Programs
Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan / Cloud Gate 2

1999-2015 Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan
2011 International Representative
2003 Company Manager
2002 International Project Manager
2001 International Tour Manager
1999 International Coordinator

 The Han-Tang Yuefu Music and Dance Ensemble, Taipei, Taiwan
1998-1999 Administrative Manager / Production Manager

 Contemporary Legend Theatre /
Tai Gu Tales Dance Theatre, Taipei, Taiwan
1996 – 1998 Public Relations

 Queens Symphony Orchestra, New York City, USA
1994 – 1996 Van Lier Arts Management Fellow / Coordinator

Anthony SF Chiu 1_edited.jpg

Anthony SF Chiu

Every stakeholder has a significant role to play in sustainability.

Anthony SF Chiu is Presidential Adviser on Sustainability, University Fellow and Chair Professor at De La Salle University.  He co-authored nearly 200 development project manuscripts and indexed journal articles in the SDG12 area, currently with a Scopus h-index of 42.  Anthony also serves the national government as the Pollution Adjudication Board Member (rank of Commissioner) since 2004. He was the  official delegate of the Philippine government in various UN summits, including the Rio+20 and SDG Roadmap.  He is a member of the UN International Resource Panel, and the founding editor-in-chief of the Elsevier Journal of Cleaner and Responsible Consumption.


Jun-ichi Nihei

Where there are people, there needs to be dreams.
Let’s use your imagination and creativity!

Artist Manager and Consultant in the Classical Music market for about 25 years. In 2001 joined Japan Arts Corporation, and became President in 2018. Currently serving as Executive Director at Japan Association of Classical Music Presenters.

Glorife Soberano-Samodio 02.JPG

Glorife Soberano-Samodio

Arts management is a truly challenging but rewarding job. Learn more about your craft and the creative industries so you can better ideate innovations, and foster productive relationships with the artists under your care. 

Ms. Samodio is an arts manager with extensive work experience in advertising and public relations. She is the Culture and Arts Director of De La Salle University, a position she has held since 2002; and the Head of the Creative Industries Studies Network under the Center for Business Research and Development of the DLSU Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business. She was a recipient of an international fellowship program grant for arts managers from the Kennedy Center, Washington D.C. in 2010. From 2010-2016, she was the secretary of the Committee on Cultural Education at the National Commission for Culture and the Arts. Currently, she is the chair of the ASEAN University Network on Culture and the Arts, Founding President of the Association of Cultural Offices in Philippine Educational Institutions, Inc., and a country governor and a vice chair of the Federation for Asian Cultural Promotion. 


Paul Tam

Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy, but absolutely thrilling, ride!

Mr Tam leads the Performing Arts Division to deliver world-class programmes and performing arts venues and facilities in the West Kowloon Cultural District. He is responsible for steering the strategic planning and sustainable development of these venues and oversees their business direction, artistic development, venue operations, technical and production, facilities planning and delivery. Mr Tam joined WKCDA in March 2020. Mr Tam is a seasoned arts executive with over 20 years of experience in performing arts management. Prior to joining WKCDA, Mr Tam was the Executive Director of Hong Kong Ballet, where he oversaw its strategic development, institutional advancement, brand-building, education and community outreach and international touring. Currently, Mr Tam is Director of the International Society for the Performing Arts, Board Member and former Chairman of the Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association, Governor of the Federation of Asian Cultural Promotion and Advisor for Our Hong Kong Foundation.


Yun-Shiou Tsai

Think out of the box and be open-minded.
Dare to dream, dare to change.

Yun-Shiou TSAI is an artist manager and performing arts presenter/producer with comprehensive experience in arts management across diverse genres. She earned her M.A. in Musicology from National Taiwan University, specialising in social history of music. In 2010, she joined New Aspect Promotion Corporation Ltd in charge of the International Affairs and Program Department. With artistic insight, she has successfully organised and coordinated a wide array of projects including classical music concerts, dance and drama performances, international music festivals, visual art exhibitions, fine/decorative art and collectible auctions, sea cruise, and circus troupes, overseeing the strategic planning of the corporation. With over a decade of experience, Yun-Shiou has built up close relationships with artists, offering consulting and artist management services. She currently serves as the Senior Director at New Aspect and the Secretary-General at FACP for the term 2023-2025.

3-5 LEE Yoori.jpg.jpg

Yoori LEE

Power of the Arts can change the world. Artist is an innovative explorer who can make that happen. Please challenge it!

LEE Yoori is a theater producer specializing in the musical industry and an expert in

policy, theory, and education related to performing arts.

She has contributed to developing Korea's commercial musical market and publicly

subsidized performing arts market through her activities as Head of the Executive

Committee of Daegu International Musical Festival (DIMF), Chairman of the Board of the Korea Musical Theatre Association, Head of the Organizing Committee of the Korea Musical Awards, and Artistic Director of Seoul Performing Arts Company.

Moreover, she has been striving to train producers at universities and has established a professional training system for performing arts staffing as the President of the Korea Musical Theater Professors Association.

SASAI Yuko_方形照片.jpeg

Yuko Sasai

Remember, the arts have the power to inspire, challenge, and unite, so trust in your ability to make a meaningful contribution to the world.

I earned a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and Economics from Waseda University, followed by the completion of a Master's program in Economics at the same institution. In 1999, a career at PIA Corporation commenced, focusing on marketing research and actively participating in the establishment of PIA Research Institute, Inc. This journey spans over two decades, encompassing extensive involvement in both quantitative and qualitative research within the entertainment industry. At PIA Research Institute, responsibilities included the authorship of the 'White Paper on Live Entertainment' and leadership in customer analysis, leveraging Ticket Pia's substantial membership and annual ticket sales data. The role of director at PIA Research Institute was assumed in June 2016, followed by the appointment as an executive officer at PIA Corporation in June 2022, a position I currently hold.

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