The 34th FACP Annual Conference Program book

The 34th FACP Annual Conference(2016 Penang) Program book can be downloaded here.

The Asian Gems in the Arts segment

An annual and anticipated activity of the #FACP Conference is the Asian Gems in the Arts segment. This year, 7 member cities were represented: Beijing (The Jiangzhou Drum Orchestra), Taipei (dancer Chien Wei Wu who performed to electronica and live drumming by Yin Chun Chen to the music of Yiu Kwong Chung), Manila (Kabataang Gitarista), Tokyo (soprano Yukie Ishioka, tenor Kazuaki Sawasaki and pianist Yuhi Ozaki), Hong Kong (Yat Po Singers), Seoul (soprano Jungwon Park and the Sung Jung Trio) and host Kuala Lumpur (Rhythm in Bronze).

The repertoire ranged from modernized ethnic to dance with electronica and live drumming, from classical to folk and a capella. The audiences composed of not just the governors, members, speakers and organizers but the public who bought tickets were simply riveted!

The Federation for Asian Cultural Performance begins its 34th annual conference in the UNESCO world heritage city of George Town in Malaysia.

The Board of Governors had an initial meeting to brainstorm about membership and the conference cities for the next 3 years.

Cocktails and dinner followed for the Governors, members, delegates, speakers, organizers and sponsors. Penang is known for excellent cuisine and a sampling of many gastronomic dishes were part of the buffet.

From dinner, everyone was bussed to the Dewan Sri Pinang or Civic Center for the Asian premiere of "Triptych" by the renowned modern circus troupe Les 7 Doigts of Canada.

Message from the Chairman 2016

Message from the Chairman

Masami Shigeta
FACP Chairman

Welcome to the 34th Annual Conference of the Federation for Asian Cultural Promotion (FACP) in Penang, Malaysia 2016.

This is the second FACP Conference to be held in Malaysia. The first was in Kuala Lumpur in 2009, which was 7 years ago. This year, we are so grateful to have our Conference in George Town, which is listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, in this beautiful island of Penang, Malaysia.

We are also happy to tie-up this FACP Conference with the George Town Festival. Festivals like this are a very important foundation of performing arts industry.

Our theme this year is very timely: “Arts Marketing / Audience Building and Arts Education - Traditional Arts and Classical Music”.

We warmly welcome Prof. Hardy Yong Xiangas, Vice Dean of Peking University, as the keynote speaker for this Conference. We also welcome Mr. Lim Guan Eng, Penang Chief Minister.

FACP is a unique organization in Asia where people from the performing arts industry, orchestras, concert venues, artist management, conservatories, music schools and the like, are gathering together to build networks and as well as to exchange information and ideas.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Mr. Joe Sidek and George Town Festival staff for all their hardwork.

I am sure that the 3-day Conference in Penang will be a valuable experience for all of you.

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We are happy to announce our next conference registration started! Visit event page.

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Report from London

European Liaison John Bickley was pleased to represent the FACP at a breakfast meeting in London organised by the UK-Indonesia Business Forum. President Joko Widodo gave an excellent speech. In 2012, President Widodo was then the Mayor of Solo City, which hosted the FACP Conference that year. He gave a warm welcome to the FACP and was actively involved in the conference. He spoke about the important impact culture and the arts have on bringing the nations of Asia closer together.

Georgetown Festival by Mr. Joe Sidek, coming FACP Conference Organizing Chairman

The 2016 FACP Conference will be from August 27 to 30 as part of the George Town Festival in Penang, Malaysia.

Potential speakers on Arts Marketing, Audience Building or Arts Education can submit their abstracts to Mr. Joe Sidek, Organizing Chairman by February 29. 

Applicants for the Asian Gems in the Arts segment are to submit their application and videos to Mr. Sidek by April 22. Click here for the application form:

Please click the link below to complete this form.
We hope you can enjoy both the conference and festival this summer in Penang!

Visit the FACP website and Facebook page for regular updates.

For more information about Georgetown Festival, click here:


Revitalizing the FACP Website

The FACP website will soon be revitalized!
Your ideas and comments are most welcome!
Feel free to share them with Secretary General Margaret Yang at margaret.fccp@gmail. com or Governor Martin Lopez at

Photo taken in the Aspen Office of FACP Chair Masami Shigeta in Tokyo
November 26, 2015

Letter from Mr. Leon Ko

Mr. Leon Ko
Musical composer
Hong Kong, New York
Dear Mr. Shigeta,

Please find below my thoughts on my FACP experience:

I had the pleasure of attending the 2015 FACP conference in Seoul, and getting to know cultural luminaries from different parts of the world.  Sharing my  experience as a composer for stage musicals and films in was immensely rewarding, and FACP is a great platform in Asia for cultural exchange in many artistic disciplines.  

Thank you very much.

Warm regards,