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Dear FACP Governors and Colleagues in Japan

We, Governors of Korea and Members of Performing Arts Management Association of Korea(PAMAK), have been immensely shocked to the point of being speechless about the current horrible disaster caused by the earthquake and the following calamities in Japan. Indeed, the magnitude of the natural disaster has been beyond any words and imagination. We are closely watching the situation with ardent hopes of no more wreck and frustration to be inflicted to the Japanese people whatsoever. We wholeheartedly stand with all of you who are grappling with the unthinkable difficulties and we should like to extend the warmest comfort and encouragement to our colleagues. You will be able to prevail over this tribulation. Our strong hope is that everything will rebound to normal physically and emotionally with the united support of the world. With most symphasies and thoughtfulness Kang Suk-Heung Chairman PAMAK Lee In-gweon Governor FACP, Korea

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