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"His wisdom, resilience, and dedication will forever inspire us."

Mr. Masami Shigeta
Chairman of the Board and CEO, Aspen Incorporated
Tokyo Governor and Chairperson 2014-2019, FACP

I, together with the FACP members, are deeply saddened by the news of Mr. Hsu Po-Yun’s passing. He fought cancer with dignity, as I am shocked to know that he was battling the disease silently.

As a member of FACP, we’ve known Mr. Hsu as one of the founders of this great organization. Dra. Kasilag (Manila), Mr. Hsu (Taipei), Mr. Yokoyama (Tokyo), Mr. Seong-Tae Kim (Seoul) and Mr. Apratty (representative from UNESCO) established this organization with a mission of building networks and cultural ties among Asian countries. Mr. Hsu did a great contribution to FACP for uniting members among South East Asian cities like Taipei, Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Manila, Seoul and much more. He is actually the one who convinced me to join the organization and right after his term (2009-2013), I began my term as the Chairman of this one-of-a-kind society.

I have served from 2014-2019 and during those years, Mr. Hsu and I had some arguments and misunderstandings along the way. But those arguments did not stop us from being friends. We shared good memories together from drinking after welcome parties to small chats in between conference sessions. We appreciate all the time and effort he dedicated to this community. We will definitely miss his presence during the conference. I did not expect that he will leave us soon, as I’m always looking forward to his insights for younger generations during conference sessions. It’s comforting to know that he was there for us until the very end.

His wisdom, resilience, and dedication will forever inspire us. His passing is a tremendous loss, but his legacy will continue among us, motivating us to pursue greater goals.

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